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We are comitted to offering you kind, non judgemental care in which “everything can be said, everthing can be considered”. To listening to you, to taking time with you to get to the root of problems and to helping you identify its rootcause. Our approach is personalized and confidential.

We stand by you


Thanks to our expertise, we will help you identifying the presuppositions and behaviors that cause trouble in your life. Accordingly, we offer you a customized counseling that will enable you to progress toward further self understanding, and also deeper understanding of the respective needs of your spouse and your family members.

We equip you  


Once the rootcauses of issues have been identified, we will propose tools adapted to your situation to help you overcome your struggles on a long-term basis, and even prevent them re-occurring. We will stay by your side as long as necessary. 

We provide direction


We do not pretend to have an answer for every situation, but we are convinced that you have it! Our main role is to help you unlock your own potential. In cases where we are not able to help you, we rely on a network of partners who can provide further specialised care. We won't leave you alone.

Our specificity: Counseling based on biblical principles

God's plan: man was not created to live alone


Living in community, family and couple are the basis of God's plan for human fulfillment.  If it's His will, it is because that is what is best for us!  This life together implies that it's not possible for us to do just anything or accept everything... In the case you don't have a partner or children, God has a purpose for it. With the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is possible to know oneself better, to understand one's aspirations and to appreciate life as it is.

"The man who finds a wife finds a good thing; she is a blessing to him from the Lord."

Proverbs 18:22

The Word, a precious tool


Family conflicts, infertility, bereavement, rejection, professional problems … numerous life experiences are described in the Bible.  We will share with you as to how to react to these situations according to Biblical principles. This approach is pertinent even if you are not a Christian: you will gain understanding about the founding texts of the Judaeo-Christian society in which we live.

"Your words are a light to light the path ahead of me, and keep me from stumbling."

Psalm 119:105

Draw new strength from prayer


You've tried everything and nothing works.  Your hope in seeing things change diminishes more each day.  How about taking the time to pray with us?  Pray that the Lord would renew your strength, that He would soften your hearts and that He would reveal to you, your spouse and your children what needs to change.

"You can get anything - anything you ask for in prayer - if you believe."

Matthew 21:22

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