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Thérapie Individuelle, de Couple ou Familiale
Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Overcome Life's Trials

Certain trials in life are destabilizing...


Whether they are about different stages in life such as the birth of a child, the teenage years, retirement, illness or the loss of self-sufficiency, or any other traumatic events such as the loss of a job, an accident, the departure of a loved one, a divorce... I am willing to lend you a sympathetic ear to help you overcome them. 


Are you anxious, living under stressful conditions or phobic? It is possible to fight against it. Come and work with me on it.

Cultivate Harmony in your Family

What bliss when each member enjoys being a part of the family and feels respected and supported in his or her aspirations!


Accomplishing this implies first getting to know yourself : what is my life experience, what are my gifts, what are my aspirations? Next, it is important to consider the aspirations of the rest of the family members (spouse, partner, children, in-laws, ...) so that you may understand and thus respect them. After that, together you can agree upon the means of communication and sharing which best respects each member of the family. And I am there to help you each step of the way. 

Has a member of your family made a decision that destabilizes you?  Whether it is a personal choice, a decision made together as a couple, or a professional decision, come share with me about it  to help you feel at peace again.

Not married yet? Take the time to build solid foundations for your future together. I offer personalized pre-marital counseling, adapted specifically for your couple, that will allow you to confidently navigate through the different seasons of your life together.

Love beyond Borders

We are specialized in resolving differences due to cultural diversity.


Are you a mixed couple?  It is essential to discern what values are important for your spouse and how to reconcile your expectations within your couple and family.

Are you an expat family?  I propose to deal with each family member's feelings and perceptions and work on the question of identity, especially for children being raised in two or even three different cultures.

Are you a reconstituted family or have you adopted children? I will provide customized care to allow each member of the family to feel unique as well as a full-fledged member of the family.

Professional Coaching

Professional Assessment

Do you need career direction

You are not at ease at work but fail to discern what would suit you best?

Do you want to help your child make the right career and educational choice


As a certified Career Direct® consultant, I can help you finding out what is your calling.

You will get a detailed 30-pages personalized assessment report based upon 4 axis:

- your personality

- your personal interests

- your skills and competencies

- your life and working values.

We will find out together what this implies in order to select the appropriate occupation fields. It is only when we align our activity to our personality that we can blossom at work.


You have a career project, but you struggle to make it happen. 

I can offer you my experience as a former medical science executive and entrepreneur. Together, we will define the right strategy to launch your project, and I will follow-up and guide you all the way through it.


Don't think any longer about it and fix an appointment today!

Human Assets Consulting: Support to Business

After I've graduated as a PhD in Mechanical Design, I have worked as a project engineer in the medical device industry during 15 years in Germany and Switzerland. I now offer my experience to companies that desire to grow while growing their human assets. 

Together, we will develop tailored solutions, adapted to your organization, to an attractive price.


I offer my expertise to help you

 - define job profiles, technical as well as psychological

- select candidates, by using the personality and skills assessment Career Direct® et the evaluation tool Personality ID®

- prepare your employees for expatriation

- help your oversee employees integrate in their new culture

Personal Development

As a support for Human Resources, I can offer:

- psychological, individual counseling for your employees going through personal situations impacting their work performance (divorce, illness, dépression, addiction, ...). This can be conducted at the workplace, or at my practice in Divonne Les Bains

- coaching of your managers

- prevention and information group sessions, subjects to be defined: burn-out, work/life balance, addictions, ...

- motivational seminarssubjects to be defined

Team Building

Because a team that works fine together performs at its best, it is worth investing in team building. You enhance it, I propose:

- strategic consulting on team management

- Team dynamic optimization thanks to the tool Personality ID®: study of the personality profiles of each team member, study of the interactions in the group and how to influence them.

- Team building events

- In case of tension: mediation

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