To launch my new activities as Human Assets Consultant, I’d like to offer a service worth 3’500 CHF to a company/organization in the Geneva/Vaud area.

I am looking for a company/organization willing to IMPROVE ITS TEAM DYNAMIC. For that, I will offer you a complete Personality ID® team assessment.

This assessment provides:

- each of your team member with an overview of his/her personality pattern and of its implications on his/her working experience.

- a better understanding of your whole team dynamic

- a better understanding of each other’s way of doing things

- tools to manage your team towards more harmony.


I am looking for a team of 5 to 10 people, willing to invest 3 hours to positively impact their team performances. Please send me per email the number of people in your team as well as your working area before November 18th. Then I will choose one company/organization by draw.

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