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Our staff

Morgane Radanielina



I am a graduate of the Institute of Family Sciences, University of Lyon. I am also a trained biblical counselor and have practised biblical counseling since 2006. I work in partnership with pastors from the Lake Geneva region (The Evangelical Reformed Church of Canton de Vaud and Crossroads Church) as well as local partners acting in favor of couples and families. In parallel, I am working for a French association based in the Pays de Gex that helps women victims of domestic violence.


From my past as a project engineer in the medical device industry, I have gained insights on the difficulties of managing career and private life at the same time and knows that a major change is always possible in life.


Originally from Brittany, I lived in Germany for 10 years before settling in the Geneva area. My husband is from Madagascar and we have three sons.  My international experiences have made me particularily aware of the personal, marital and family problems that stem from expatriation and encountering double or even triple cultures.


Being trilingual French/German/English I'm deeply interested in foreign cultures and different modes of thinking. 


"Being impassioned by human relationships and foreign cultures,

I have my heart set on offering you customized care."

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Morgane Radanielina

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